Challenge I

The first challenge of the New Age Hero:



Who Can Bulk the Most in One Month? 

We have one month to eat, train, drink–do whatever it takes to bulk up. Some call it a dirty bulk, others call it gluttony; we’re just looking to put as many pounds as we can on our ectomorphic body types and share with you what worked and what didn’t. We will be using different training regiments, different diets, and documenting every step of the way.

The winner will be the one who puts on the most pounds (bodyfat % is simply there to see how much fat we gain during our bulk).

Bear Johal
February 29th
Weigh-in: 152lbs
Bodyfat: 15.2%



Deep Dan
February 29th
Weigh-in: 190lbs
Bodyfat: 14.3%












Check back next week, we will be posting our competing training regiments and diets all designed to pack on the most weight.

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