Mass March! The Results

Well, it was a long and gluttonous March for both Deep Dan and myself, but at the end of it all there had to be a winner and a loser. With a total gain of 11.8 pounds versus Deep Dan’s 8 pounds, I managed to take this challenge by a 3.8 pound decision.


Now I have never gained anything even close to that amount in one month, but in the pursuit of New Age Heroics, I stuck to a strict regiment of approximately 4,000 calorie days, only 1.5 hours of gym time, and consistent sleep patterns. I knew Dan was pushing hard too, but luckily I had a little more weight to gain in the first place. I have provided before and after pictures, as well as weight and bodyfat measurements, so that you can get an idea of how much muscle we gained compared to sheer fat.

Bear Johal

February 29th
15.2% bodyfat



March 30th
163.8lbs (11.8lbs gained)
15% bodyfat (.2% lost)




Deep Dan

February 29th
14.3% bodyfat



March 30th
198lbs (8lbs gained)
15% bodyfat (.7% gained)




One of the most surprising results of bulk-up was the change in bodyfat (or lack there of). Now, I’m pretty certain that my “.2%” bodyfat loss is simply a degree of error in our home caliper testing. However, with Deep Dan’s similarly minimal change in bodyfat percentage in comparison to the weight gained, it can be inferred that our bulk was considerably clean. We stayed away from bread, and fast/fried foods (with the exception of a double down on my part, but hey, a cheat day never hurt anyone), obtaining most of our calories from dairy, eggs, nuts, meat, grains, etc. By staying true and consistent to our workout regiments, we ensured that our muscles stayed hungry and elicited gains dominantly in the form of muscle mass. The before and after photos may not be staggering, but I did go up a size in jeans.

So, there you have it, the end of Mass March. Thanks for following, get ready to take part next year, we might just make it an annual event. For now, I’m glad to return to a normal diet without force feeding, digestive naps, and raw eggs before bed..

Stay tuned as we bring forth new heroic frontiers!

This month Deep Dan and myself will be attempting different, individual challenges, to be announced this week.

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