Welcome to my social media campaign for an internship at the International Olympic Committee

The #olympicjohal campaign started out as both an expression of love for the Olympics and an opportunity for me to broadcast my social media skills. It soon grew to become much more than this, it has evolved into a movement for self-purpose and the ultimate pursuit of life goals and passions. We are often constrained to do what we should do, instead of what we want to do, but never ask ourselves why. So break out of that rut, get to the gym in the morning and live life to its fullest! You only live once, so you had better do the things you’ve always wanted to do, or know that you gave it your all trying.

That is what #olympicjohal is all about.

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April 22nd:

The 2-week #OlympicJohal campaign has come to and end, click the link for the:

Final campaign REPORT

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My video application:




Notable Shout-Outs

1. Canadian Legend and Two Time Olympic Gold Medalist Catriona Le May Doan


2. Canadian Icon and Olympic Triathlon Gold Medalist Simon Whitfield


3. Canadian Sensation and Olympic Ski Cross Gold Medalist Ashleigh McIvor


Celebrity Retweets

1. Retired NHL Star and Olympic Gold Medalist Theo Fleury

Fleury Shoutout


2. Former World’s Fastest Man and Canadian Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist Donovan Bailey

DBailey RT

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