Review of 2018 Goals – New Goals for 2019

2018, what a year! We were blessed with some excellent sporting moments (what I usually use to distinguish years) including France’s FIFA World Cup, a Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang that tragically lacked NHLers but did immortalize Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir as Canadian royalty, and of course Alexander Ovechkin with that emotional cup raise that hockey fans will never forget.

Review of 2018 Goals

1. 365 Meditation Sessions
☒ Tried the daily meditations again, fell short at 213

2. 208 Serious Gym Sessions
☑ Went to the gym 230 times

3. 52 Yoga Sessions
☒ Way off, only went once; yoga isn’t my thing

4. Meatless Monday
☑ Every week (minus holiday Mondays)

5. 28 Fasting Days
☑ Yes, did Intermittent Fasting for the month of April

6. Trip with Carly
☑ Visited Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Victoria together

7. NY Trip to visit Cam
☑ Yes! Boys trip in NY, first time in the Big Apple

8. Dallas trip to visit Magoo
☒ Unfortunately couldn’t swing this one this year

9. Read 25 Books
☑ Yes, read 32 of them this year

10. Pay off Car Loan
☒ Just shy, moved to Vancouver, which tied up the funds

11. Take a Course
☑ Yes, bought the Wim Hoff course, started it and loving it!

12. Write a Quarterly Blog Post
☒ No, only wrote 2

13. Do a Spiritual Retreat
☒ No, didn’t do a retreat

14. TWO new Sports Tournaments
☑ Yes, both hockey tournaments (Pacific Cup & Wildcat)


2019 Goals


  1. Workout 250 times
  2. Do a pistol squat on each leg


  1. Read 30 books
  2. Hire a career coach for weekly sessions
  3. Find a cause to volunteer for twice a month
  4. Give THREE presentations


  1. Monthly date night of new restaurant or activity
  2. Perform an acoustic guitar set at an open mic
  3. Travel somewhere new (country or city)
  4. Complete Wim Hoff Course


2019 Rituals

  • Date night once a month
  • Volunteer twice a month
  • Guitar three times a month
  • Red Meat once a week
  • Meatless once a week (Monday)
  • Career coaching once a week
  • Polar dip once a week (Thirsty Penguins)
  • Sauna once a week (Steam Boyz)
  • Play sports twice a week
  • Wim Hoff 3 times a week
  • Workout 5 times a week:
    • 2 Heavy
    • 1 Mobility
    • 1 Cardio
    • 1 Accessory