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Bruce Lee never had a problem with the ladies.
We’ve talked a lot about training and lifestyle over the past few months, so it’s only fitting we do a piece on eating, to keep things balanced. With summer upon us, everyone’s looking for that quick fix diet to get a flat stomach. Let’s be honest, unless you want be like Steve Jobs and do some crazy one week fast; extreme fat loss diets are a little impractical and often dangerous. Instead, what I’ve often practiced, is the addition of certain food items to your normal eating regiment. Once you introduce these items, you’ll have to remove others, so make sure they are the least healthy ones (processed foods, fried foods, and desserts should be the first to get the summer ax).


I’ve been on the quest to search for FIVE foods which will benefit the summer lifestyle through promoting fat loss, increasing energy, and keeping you healthy and awesome. I had some trouble finding what I was looking for on the net, so I consulted with my friend Marcus Sidhu, who specializes in rapid-fat loss and is much more well versed in the field of nutrition.


Here’s Marcus with the FIVE foods you should be eating this summer:


1. Fish Oil – Omega-3’s are an amazing fat burning tool, they turn on lipolytic genes and turn off lipogenic genes. Lipolytic genes are fat burning genes and lipogenic genes are fat storing genes! With fish oil quality definitely matters, don’t get the cheap stuff!


2. Meat – Especially for breakfast. Meat at your first meal will boost important neurotransmitters like dopamine and acetylcholine. These two guys give you ‘drive’ and energy for the entire day!


3. Nuts – Preferably raw and unsalted. Nuts are a great source of smart fats that will keep you feeling full and also boost important neurotransmitters. Cashews, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts and pecans to name a few, however don’t go crazy because too many can limit fat loss!


4. Green Veggies – Green vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals. They also help to alkalize the body (opposite of toxic) and keep you feeling full! An acidic body will not let go of body fat, get your veggies in!


5. Coffee – I know this isn’t a food but it can really help your fat loss efforts. Grind it fresh right before you drink it and make sure it’s organic because it’s the #2 most sprayed crop in the world (next to strawberries). Its best to drink it black but if you must add something make it stevia (natural sweetener) or cream.

[Bear – If you’re like me, and don’t drink coffee, then green tea will also do the trick in boosting your metabolism]







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