Mass March 2014

Well folks, it’s the third annual Mass March, the month when only the manliest of men take 30 days to pack on as much as lean muscle as we can.

It’s all about transformation and putting our bodies’ to the test. People often frown upon it, but for many of us it’s harder to put on weight than it is to lose it. Without further ado, here are this year’s contestants–who will have the iron will this year and be crowned the Mass March Champion of 2014?



The Contestants

Contestant 1

5am mornings and four packed lunches a day









Reigning champ (7.4lbs)
City of residence: Vancouver, BC
Starting weight (March 1st): 76kg (168lbs)
Mass Goal: 4.5kg (10lbs)

Motivation: “Defending the title!”

Diet: Simple.  Calories in > Calories Expended.  5000 calories per day, with a few clever natural supplements to establish a bit of an edge.

Workout: 5-3-1 protocol (3 weeks of progressively increasing major lifts, with a “deloading week” to prevent plateauing).


Contestant 2

flash, flex, repeat.










City of Residence: Krakow, Poland
Starting Weight (March 1st): 84.2kg (186lbs)
Mass Goal: 3.6kg (8lbs)

Motivation: “Hate what you see in the mirror!”

Diet: Eat healthy, I don’t count calories. Eat when I am hungry. Protein every 3 hours.

Workout: Lift any weight I see for that particular day. I do isolation workouts. Day 1 Arms, Day 2 Chest, Day 3 Back, Day 4, Shoulders, Day 5 Legs. Repeat, no rest days, you get enough rest in your sleep. Abs every other day, no cardio.


Contestant 3

The pump is the cure!












City of residence: Winnipeg, Canada
Starting weight (March 1st): 96kg (212lbs)
Mass Goal: 6.8kg (15lbs)

Motivation: “Live to lift, love to eat, bump the beats and pray for gains.”

Diet: Backload, Warrior style diet, No Carbs in the AM to up regulate fat burning and heighten insulin sensitivity, Carbs during/prior to training, Mini Skipload’s (Eat as much high GI carbs in a 3hr window) when I feel flat or the pump is lacking at the gym (usually EoD due to very physical job), Protein from Eggs/Beef/Chicken/Fish, Low GI Carbs from Yams/Whole Oats/Jasmine Rice, Fats from Free Range Whole Eggs/Fish Oil/Coconut Oil, Skiploads include Chips/Pop tarts/Children’s cereal/Baked Treats/Chocolate Rasins pretty much anything high GI while watching fat content.

Workout: No days off, 4 day split, Legs/Arms/Chest+shoulder/Back rinse an repeat, MTUT, Tension over time, resistance bands, chains, heavy weight, high volume, reverse sets, foam rolling, 10-12k speed walk 5 days a week. The pump is the cure!


Contestant 4

Billy “The Brunch”










City of residence: Vancouver, British Columbia
Starting weight (March 1st): 178 lbs
Mass Goal: 3lbs of muscle; playing it loose with total mass goal

Motivation: “‘Ishes don’t care about cardio!”

Diet: Eggs in the morning, EVOO in the shake, skim milk and trail mix all day, red/white meat at night

Workout: Four no-excuse-are-you-a-hunk-or-not early morning workouts  per week (+regular squash, soccer, football, dball intramurals) TIME TO GO TO WERKWERKGOTOWERKK.  Push-pulls, legs and shoulder/arms/abs.


Contestant 5










Mass March 2012 Champ (11.8lbs)
City of residence: Vancouver, British Columbia
Starting weight (March 1st): 68.5kg (151lbs)–yeah, hot yoga will do that to you
Mass Goal: 9kg (20lbs)–20lbs or bust!

Motivation: “Changing your body allows you to understand your body, which, in turn, allows you to understand yourself.”

Diet: Eat ridiculous amounts of food. Cycled with low-cal days, high-cal days, and fasting days.

Workout: Training like a Warrior; 5 days a week; following GSP’s program, because UFC fighters know a thing or two about how to put on muscle fast.


Let the GAINS begin!

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