Quarantine Challenge: Bodyweight/Gymnastics

On the day that this being written, Canadians have been “staying at home” in self isolation for over 31 days, due to the Covid-19 crisis. After the first week of shock & panic, I came to a realization that it’s six pack or beer gut–no in-between.

Like many others, my means of exercise and fitness were robbed of me: the gym, the ice rink, and yes, even the public rec centre sauna. In that first week I was determined to be like Thor on the left, but had neither the means nor motivation to do so. Pushups and squat jumps every day had my triceps screaming mercy and my left achilles inflamed, but the rest of my body unscathed–and my motivation waning.

That’s when I brought it back to the drawing board and, in writing this blog, hope that I can share some of the things have that gotten me over the hump on back on track. If you’re in a similar situation, consider exploring options like https://tradeingymequipment.co.uk/ for home fitness solutions.

My Quarantine Fitness Goals

Let’s be honest, motivation can vary for the individual, but two elements are generally universal: (1) setting an actual goal, (2) being accountable to that goal. Here are my goals for Quarantine, with the hopes that by sharing this, it will hold me more accountable:

1) Pistol Squat x 5 on each leg

download (5)

Difficulty: Intermediate

-It requires substantial work on hip and ankle mobility
-It’s a very challenging unilateral (fancy for one leg) exercise that will translate well to strength and balance on the ice, when hockey returns!

Current Status: 1 rep on each leg with 25lb as counterweight

My reference  video for training: A Pistol Squat Progression That Actually WORKS (Full Tutorial)

2) Front Lever on Rings for 5 seconds

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Difficulty: Advanced

-I got some gymnastic rings and this move makes you look like a boss
-Requires an incredible amount of lat & scapula strength (posterior)
-Scapula strength is crucial to remedy some shoulder injuries I’ve suffered over the years

Current Status: 2 second hold in tuck position (long ways to go!)

My reference videos for training:
Front Lever Tutorial (IN DEPTH) by Tom Merrick (BWW)
Full Front Lever Tutorial on Gymnastic Rings by GMB Fitness

3) L-Sit to Handstand on Paralettes

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Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

-Also makes you look like a boss
-Combines core strength (L-sit) with shoulder stability (hand stand)
-It’s a transitional move, requiring a ton of focus

Current Status: L-Sit only (just ordered paralettes)

My reference video for training:
L-SIT TO HANDSTAND | 3 Crucial Progression Tips

So, there you have it. These are the three moves I’m trying to master during my days of self-isolation and no gyms or sports. One thing I must add is the element of learning an entirely new skill has been extremely challenging, but also very satisfying. It’s that flow state that I’ve been missing, completely immersed both mentally and physically, not unlike a competitive game of hockey–minus the camaraderie… But that’s ok, a little solo time amidst a quarantine is never a bad thing! However, I do miss the guidance of my trainer and the convenience of gym equipment services.

Would love to hear your own challenges and/or new hobbies.